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“‘The true character of society is revealed in how it treats its children,’ Nelson Mandela once said.

As a community, we have no greater chance to treat our children justly and compassionately than we do through our public schools. Guilford County Schools serves almost 70,000 students. Four of them are my children. The great school experience I want for my four students is what I want for every other student in Guilford County Schools. Join us as we work to equip students, empower teachers, invest in schools, listen to the community, and lead with resolve and conscience, seeking the equity and opportunity to which all our children are entitled.” — Alan Sherouse


About Alan

Alan Sherouse is a faith leader and community leader in Guilford County, where he lives with his spouse, Jenny Sherouse, and their four children (GCS students in grades 1, 2, 5 & 7). Throughout his nine years in Guilford County, Alan has been active in justice work, community organizing and education advocacy efforts. Before moving to Greensboro in 2013, Alan worked in New York City as pastor of a Midtown Manhattan church that actively served the community through daily initiatives in education, supportive services, and food justice. Having first lived in North Carolina while attending graduate divinity school at Wake Forest University, Alan was raised in Florida — the son of a public school teacher and pastor, and the product of a public school arts education. He is passionate about providing conscientious and compassionate community leadership, and bringing people of goodwill together for justice and the common good.


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