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Working for Equity

Our public schools represent our best collective opportunity to impact the lives of our children and youth. My expectations for the education of my four children are no more or less than what I expect for the 70,000 in Guilford County Schools. GCS has made strides toward equity, particularly in narrowing the graduation gap between Black students and white students. We must continue to build on this and work for the success of all of our students.

Valuing teachers

Our GCS professional educators should be trusted, empowered and supported to ensure their longevity and thriving in our system, as well as the continued growth of our students. I will advocate for teachers at every turn, particularly working to promote public trust in a time of intensifying political strategies that undermine our educators and ultimately erode public trust in our schools.

Partnering with Parents

GCS has long demonstrated an ability to build effective partnership between educators, students and parents or caregivers. The parents, caregivers, and other trusted adults in our students’ lives have a vital role in their education. We will continue to promote meaningful and healthy involvement of parents, caregivers, and other trusted adults and remain accessible to promote public engagement.

improving facilities

With the approval of the recent SMART bond, GCS has a tremendous opportunity to provide new and renovated environments for our students and educators. With effective oversight, we can continue to move GCS forward with safe, modern, accessible, renovated and tech-ready schools, matching in our physical structures what is happening through the excellent work of our educators and students

ensuring safety

Every student is entitled to a safe and supportive learning environment. I will work with others in GCS to promote safety and continued anti-bullying practices, while advocating always for the inclusion and affirmation of all of our students, and particularly LGBTQIA students and others who are often most vulnerable.

Promoting Freedom and Truth in Education

I trust the expertise of our educators in delivering state and district approved curriculum in dynamic ways and providing developmentally appropriate instruction that uses the full resources of scientific discovery and presents an honest account of history.

Advocating for
Full Funding

Public schools are not underperforming, but instead are underfunded and under-appreciated. As we practice responsible financial oversight at the local level, we must also advocate at the state level for full funding of our public schools annually in a timely and consistent manner.

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